Red Ant Radio Yachts produces boats for racing using wet layup and infusion moulding processes, this keeps cost down compared to Pre Preg layup techniques. Using Pre preg adds considerably to tooling, curing and material costs. We can pass on the saving to the customer while still producing a light, strong and competitive product.IMGP1721

In the Marblehead we have the F3 design which placed 8th and 12th at the 2016 worlds and has won many local competitions in Australia. Our new design called the F4 has been a proven race winner winning the Australian titles in Feb 2017. F5 has also been developed with less wetted surface and improved moulding techniques to allow more efficient build times.

We have an IOM design called Blitz mk4. It has raced well in local competitions and not had any exposure to bigger competitions as yet, but all signs against locals with very competitive designs have indicated that it can hold its own in all conditions.

Red ant also makes Sails, Masts, booms, fins, bulbs, rudders  and goosenecks for M and Ten and IOM.

Please contact mr David Thomas (Yoda) for details on Pricing and lead times.